Norlead Solutions

Our Vision

Driving efficiency in Oil & Gas Drilling Operations by improving the analysis and exchange of data between the participants in the value chain.

Our Mission

Provide quality engineering solutions to meet the drilling challenges of our customers by using the combination of our extensive drilling operations knowledge and software development experience in order to bring customized solutions to Oilfield Operators in all aspects of drilling operations.

Why Norlead Solutions ?

The challenges we aim to meet can today be solved efficiently with the smart application of IT solutions by people who really understand the oil & gas business. This is why NORLEAD uses the most experienced and knowledgeable people from the oilfield and IT worlds. NORLEAD was founded by people with both the Oil & Gas and IT backgrounds and as such is uniquely well positioned to understand and resolve the challenges met by our customers.
Traditional consultancies from the big5 are not up to the task of helping operators get around these problems because of their lack of direct technical and operational experience in drilling operations. Produced solutions are typically generic and usually involve always more massive ERP systems. Our experience is that this is not helpful. Norlead is different.
We see our contribution as more hands-on and pragmatic. Furthermore IT solutions, if and when relevant, should be nimble and efficient and purpose built for a given organization. Today's web applications provide all this at a low net cost while reducing the workload on drilling engineering teams and giving them better information access and understanding.